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About TiG
It all started a few years ago in early 2010 when a bunch of friends who liked gaming, and of course still do, came with the idea to order a Teamspeak 3 server. Black Wolf, Kaboewm and ZACK.BE ordered the server, with as main admin/ programmer for Teamspeak 3, Black Wolf. Yet we still had the need of a good name. At first we used our clan name: "Fatal Recoil". This was the name we used for our Counter Strike: Source clan.

Later on 2010 we were getting more into League of Legends and we came with the idea of This is Gaming! However we didn’t like the idea to have a closed clan. So we started heading towards a community were everyone can be a part of This is Gaming for as long as you can have fun.
Why This is Gaming? Because our vision of gaming is playing together as a team, no flaming, no raging and above all.. having fun!

After a while some more people came to join our crew and we accepted them with open arms. Now they are a part of our group. Later on 2011 yugecin joined our crew, who created an amazing website for us. A few moments later the Facebook page and YouTube channel were created. But the fact is we are still not complete. We still need pieces to complete our ‘huge’ puzzle. Therefor we need you! Like our Facebook page, join our community and remember the first rule of gaming.. to have a good time!

-The This is Gaming crew-